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School Locations

For drop-in therapy through RISE

School lockers
School Bus

RISE currently provides or is able to provide drop-in therapy at the following locations:

Anamosa CSD

  • Anamosa High School

  • Anamosa Middle School

  • Strawberry Hill Elementary School (Anamosa, IA)

DeWitt CSD

  • Central DeWitt High School 

  • Central DeWitt Middle School 

  • Central DeWitt Intermediate School 

  • Ekstrand Elementary School (DeWitt, Iowa)

Maquoketa CSD 

  • Maquoketa High School

  • Maquoketa Middle School

Midland CSD 

  • Midland Middle-High School (Wyoming, Iowa)

  • Midland Elementary School (Oxford Junction, Iowa)

Monticello CSD

  • Monticello High School 

  • Monticello Middle School

  • Carpenter Elementary School (Monticello, Iowa) 

  • Shannon Elementary School (Monticello, Iowa) 


Olin CSD

  • Olin Consolidated School District


School Therapy Through RISE

If not listed above, please reach out to see if we have a therapist currently providing services at your student's school.

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